Medical Emulation

Mercury Caduceus

Miscellaneous Section

Name File Size Brief Description
arj.exe v2.41 74.49 kb A good file compressor for DOS. Has sooooo many options, but no GUI.
Audio CD Player v1.10(DOS) 9.00 kb As the names suggests, it is a CD Player for DOS. Have a nice GUI and is easy to use with the F keys.
cwsdpmi.exe 12.86 kb Extender needed for a few DOS based programs and emulators.
dos4gw.exe v1.97 140.31 kb This is needed for some DOS based programs.
go.exe v2.32 33.55 kb This allows you to jump to a specific directory by just typing “go dirname“. You MUST have it if you use DOS.
lha.exe v2.12 23.75 kb Another file compressor. It is not too used but I have seen sometimes MSX ROMs compressed with it. You should have it at hand. DOS based and no GUI.
MSP v0.35 (Miscellaneous Sound Player) 171.69 kb An EXCELENT sound player for DOS. It plays Genecyst GYM logs, Callus CYM logs, WAV/VOC, MID, MP3/MP2, MOD, XM, ULT, M15, S3M, UNI, MTM, and STM. Really good if you are on pure DOS and wants to hear some music. I recommend it. No GUI.
NeoJukebox v2.5 473.66 kb A utility that plays NeoGeo music directly from the ROMs.
pkunzip.exe 28.68 kb Unzip version only of PKZIP (DOS). No GUI.
pkzip.exe v2.04c 40.50 kb The most used file compressor on the world. It is a DOS version, excelent for when you are on pure DOS and need to zip/unzip something without having to get into Windows9x. No GUI.
pkzipfix.exe v1.01 8.71 kb Utility to fix bad zip files. Sometimes is usefull. No GUI.
rar.exe v2.01 99.14 kb This is the best file compressor in my opinion. This version is for DOS and have GUI.
Redump v2.2 6.91 kb It converts the NeoGeo MGD2 ROMs to the MVS format.
tompg.exe v3.0 82.46 kb WAV => MP3 encoder for DOS. For a simple usage use “tompg.exe wavfile.wav mp3name.mp3“. It is not too good anyway.
Text View v0.700 55.72 kb This program is from my authory. It allows you to visualize texts over MS-DOS. It is similar to the TYPE command, but there is a menu when you scroll through the file.
unrar.exe v2.00 28.59 kb Decompress version only of the RAR compressor. It is for DOS and have no GUI.
YMAMP v1.3b 27.93 kb A Winamp plugin that plays Genecyst GYM logs and Callus CYM logs. Very good, plays nicely the files.

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