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Medical Emulation

Mercury Caduceus

Old News from September/1999

Wednesday - September, 29th, 1999

  • 06:51 PM(GMT-3)

    • MAME v.0.36 beta 6 has been released. Head out to MAME World to download it.

Tuesday - September, 28th, 1999

  • 10:32 PM(GMT-3)

    • After a hard day of studing I am finally able to rest on my house :)

    • Meka v.0.30 has been released by Zoop! This is one of the greatests Sega Master System (SMS) emulators. You can donwload it from the SMS Emulators Section. Check out the Meka HomePage for more info. See a list of what is new:

      • Hiroshi added a preliminary FM Voice Editor.
      • Fixed FM emulation bug in Wonderboy 2 / Monster World 1 / Monica 1.
      • FM writes are now delayed, and FM musics are now in better sync with PSG.
      • Hiroshi dumped the original Japanese Master System BIOS. Then I hacked and interfaced it to includes it in Meka. To watch the demo included in the Japanese SMS: change the machine country to Japanese, remove cartridge if any is loaded and switch the power ON.
      • Fixed a bug in VRAM access emulation (AX Battler sprites now works).
      • Improved dynamic palette system:
        • No more color bug in Itchy & Scratchy (GG) and Bust a Move (GG)
        • Less flickering in Space Harrier (GG) menu
      • Improved palette handling when a game quickly change the video mode in the middle of a frame, fixing Back to the Future 2 (SMS).
      • Fixed title screen bug in California Games 2 (SMS).
      • Fixed top screen flickering in Addams Family (SMS)
      • Fixed Pop Breaker (GG). I did introduce a bug just before releasing 0.10.
      • Fixed dirty first column when reseting some SG-1000 games.
      • Fixed dirty first column on badly programmed SMS games (Jurassic Park).
      • Improved file browser:
        • Added keyboard input (arrows, page up/down, home/end, letters)
        • Added little flags next to Japanese, Brasilian and Australian games.
        • Added a configuration switch to keep the browser open after loading.
        • Selected file is now kept after loading a game.
      • Rewrote some parts of the GUI engine (no visual changes).
      • Fixed a command line bug.
      • The pause/start button has been moved to the SPACE key for two reasons: first, some games use it as an action button, and secondly, when the file browser is open it would interfer with it because of the ENTER key.
      • Added patch to fix Sega logo color in the Ninja Gaiden bad dump.
      • Added tons of new entrys to the checksum, name and compatibility lists.
      • Added 3 new GUI themes (uncomment manually or enable with WonderTheme).
      • A bunch of other minor fixes and improvements.

    • Dragon¥en has posted this message on the Bleem! boards about the next version of Bleem! (v.1.5). You should read this if you are a PSX emulation fan.

    • The PSEmeu Pro site has moved to a new location. It was and now it is

    • Emuviews has posted an article regarding emulation over the past year. It is worth a look.

  • 09:11 AM(GMT-3)

    • I am still on the college but I will now stop with the computers to study anatomy :)

    • RS has puted online some screenshots of KOF 99 runing on some emulator (he did not mentioned wich :). The P1 ROM and half of the P2 ROM has already been dumped. The game has still some graphic glitches but they are working to fix it and dump the rest of the P2 ROM.

  • 08:53 AM(GMT-3)

    • This is the second update that I do on my college. :)

    • Genesis Power released Toughman Constest for the 32x.

    • The CPS Patch Center has moved to a new temporary location.

    • The UltraHLE Site had a little update. RealityMan only said that the emulator is still in development and more information will arrive soon.

Monday - September, 27th, 1999

  • 07:55 PM(GMT-3)

Sunday - September, 26th, 1999

  • 01:28 PM(GMT-3)

    • NeoJukebox v.2.4 has been released. You can download it from the Misc Stuff Section. See what is new:

      • Volume Control
      • Speed control in the Balance control (use , and . keys to change speed without using mouse)

Saturday - September, 25th, 1999

  • 08:08 PM(GMT-3)

    • I have fixed all the links on the Misc Stuff Section. Now everything should be working. If you find any broken links or experience any visualization problems on Medical Emulation, please send an E-Mail reporting.

Friday - September, 24th, 1999

  • 05:43 PM(GMT-3)

Thursday - September, 23th, 1999

  • 08:01 PM(GMT-3)

    • Emutech 2000 has post another comment about Assassin. If you do not know about Assassin, it is *suposely* a new PSX emulator that is in development. But noone know if it is a fake or not. Here is a quote directly from Emutech 2000:

      • Well, ill admit its been quite a while since I mentioned anything on the SONY PLAYSTATION EMULATOR that we have said will “rock” - Well, when I originally announced it I copped a HUGE amount of well deserved flack from many site OP’s on my handling of it, as well as a load of undeserved diss aswell. The basic message was that it was a bad idea to hype an emulator that people knew nothing about, nor provide any screenshots. Because of this it was decided by myself and the coder that we should keep it “buttoned” (colloquialism for “shut up”) Well, I relented and as a result ive kept tight lipped about the whole thing for a while, while the work went on. Anyway, lets talk a little more Assassin. Well the work definately go’s on and the coder and myself have been involved in all manner of exciting things that we hope will go towards making our emulation project something special. Apart from that I cant say much more but that we are making excellent progress. We definately want to halt the cries of “fake” as much we can hence the move away from the whole fake emulator traits of too many huge promises too early (note I said HUGE there) , and I hope that we are going some way to achieve that by our relative silence on the project. Anyway, Ill tie up this status update with that great old statement - “All good things come to those who wait”

      What do you think about it? Would Assassin be a fake? :)

  • 01:59 AM(GMT-3)

    • Microsoft has released DirectX 7.0!

    • Corn v.0.01 beta has been released. It is a N64 emulator. Acording to the Corn HomePage this emulator is FASTER THAN UltraHLE, but it only runs Mario64 and a few demos. It has no sound yet and seems to be a promissing emulator.

Wednesday - September, 22th, 1999

Tuesday - September, 21th, 1999

  • 04:08 PM(GMT-3)

    • Genesis Power released Darxide for the 32x. It is a game that was only released on Europe.

    • Rodimus Prime has released A/P MAME v.0.36 b5. This is a optimized version of MAME for AMD/P2/Pentium users. Go to the author’s homepage to download it.

    • The NeoCD HomePage has been updated with reports of the future version. Here is the quote:

      • Recompiled using latest Allegro WIP.
      • Added gamma correction.
      • VM assisted screen save/restore. (Unstable, may be removed in final version)

      A list of what is left to do is also available there:

      • Finish macrokeys support.
      • Cheats. (should be compatible with NeoRage GameGenie)
      • Possibility to enable Debug Mode of all games.

Monday - September, 20th, 1999

  • 10:27 PM(GMT-3)

    • The UltraHLE HomePage has been temporaly barred with a message of the author RealityMan. He wanted to say some words to the emulation comunity and you should give a read on that.

  • 09:36 PM(GMT-3)

    • And yet again a new version of ZSNES has been released. Go to the ZSNES HomePage to get v.0.963 (both C and ASM version are available). See what is new:

      • Fixed DMA position reader to fix the high sample rate problem in SB-Live! cards. Thanks to ShihTzu for helping us with this!
      • Removed SB16 only message under stereo option in commandline help. Shouldn’t really be there since v0.600.
      • Low Pass Filter is now disabled by default. But you can still enable it through the GUI.
      • Implemented an option in the GUI to not allow Zsnes to change the current start-up game path in the configuration. You can access this in Config->Options.
      • Joystick calibration values have been reset since there seems to be some problems with it. You may have to re-calibrate your joystick if it doesn't respond correctly.

    • Null has updated his Software Mixing Audio Driver for PSEmu Pro to v.0.33. Here is what is new:

      • added envelope test.

    • I didn’t mentioned it here but later then never. Pete has updated his GPU TNT OpenGL driver for PSEmu Pro to v.1.22. See what is new:

      • fixed texture window end detection
      • small improvements and fixes (texture cache management, MDECs, Read/WriteData)

      Also you can get there Pete’s SPU Midas Audio driver for PSEmu Pro v.1.1. That is a pitty that work on PSEmu Pro is stoped.

Sunday - September, 19th, 1999

  • 11:06 PM(GMT-3)

    • The links on the Misc Stuff Section are ALL BROKEN. That is due to an error that I did when editing the HTML code for the page. :) It will be fixed as soon as have the time. Thanks to SE7E for the information.

  • 02:10 PM(GMT-3)

    • ZSNES v.0.962 has been released. Go to the ZSNES HomePage to download it. Here is a list of what is new:

      • Exit text now only displays when text mode is 80x25
      • Used hardware DMA counter to determine which sound block to write to rather than assuming it always starts at the first one for the sound routines. This should hopefully fix all those nasty sound static problems many people seems to have.
      • Many thanks to Crono for the code and for his help!
      • Removed Re-Init Every 30 Second option. Shouldn’t be needed anymore
      • Added the ability to disable the Low Pass Filter
      • Implemented Diagonal Keys
      • Implemented some SA-1 speedups

Saturday - September, 18th, 1999

  • 02:12 PM(GMT-3)

    • ZSNES v.0.960 has been released. Go to the ZSNES HomePage to download it. Here is a list of what is new:

      • Modified header reader a bit
      • DSP/SPC700: Modified EndX register usage to fix some compatibility
      • DSP/SPC700: Fixed up timing registers
      • DSP/SPC700: Fixed a sample looping bug causing many sounds to not sound correctly
      • SPC700: Fixed a small bug in TCALL. Not sure if it fixes anything
      • Added small optimisations to the MMX video copy routines
      • Fixed an adsr -> gain switching bug
      • Extended maximum number of cheat codes from 75 to 255
      • Altered .spc format again, this time to suit the ID666 format
      • Worked a bit on SDD-1 emulation. Don’t think we can go any further since we can’t seem to figure out the compression algorithm used in that chip.
      • DSP/SPC700: Added low-pass filter by kode54. Thanks kode54 for the code! This enhances bass in some games.
      • SA-1: Fixed memory map access problems with several stack instructions and d-page instructions
      • SA-1: Minor fix to the timing
      • SA-1: Fixed a load state problem which causes Zsnes to crash sometimes
      • SA-1: Fixed a small problem with the cpu communication register
      • SA-1: Added a small speed hack for Kirby 3
      • Added some transparency hacks (Kirby3, FF3)
      • Added an sram fix hack for Donkey Kong Country 2 trainer version
      • GUI now displays a message when SAVE CFG is selected
      • Added on-screen messages to the Background/Sound channel toggle keys
      • Added the missing video mode descriptions in the .cfg and commandline help

    • Genesis Power released a diferent version of Mortal Kombat II for the 32x. They say that this one is diferent from the other version, but diferences will only be visible when we have a 32x emu.

    • MAME v.0.36 beta 5 has been released. Head out to MAME World to download it.

Friday - September, 17th, 1999

  • 04:45 AM(GMT-3)

Wednesday - September, 15th, 1999

  • 03:38 PM(GMT-3)

    • Phew, this is my first update that I made on my medicine college. :)

    • GetRight v.4.0 has been released. Go to the GetRight HomePage to download it.

    • is reporting a new Atari2600 emulator called FeFree26. Go to the HomePage to get it. Here is the quote directly from

      • This is a freeware emulator that allows you to play Atari 2600 games on your PC. It runs in DOS or via a front end (included) designed for Windows 95/98. There are serious legal ramifications involved with playing games (called ROMs) on an emulator: you are only legally allowed to play games for which you have already purchased the cartridge. There are no ROMs included with this emulator, but you can find the ROMs for the cartridges you own at the author’s game library.

Tuesday - September, 14th, 1999

  • 08:12 PM(GMT-3)

    • Genesis Power released Pitfall for the 32x.

    • NeoJukebox v.2.3 has been released. You can get it from the Misc Stuff Section. See what is new:

      • Rewritten the main emulation code, now is 4 times faster.
      • Switched to RAZE core because Neil Bradley’s C core has some bugs. (I was unable to compile RAZE for Borland C++ (NASM option doesn't work) if anybody know how to make it, please tell me how.
      • All non-working games should work now: ZedBlade, Shock Troopers, Breakers, Breakers Revenge,...
      • Street Hoop working:
        musics track 16 sounds 1,2,3,...
        SFX track 18 sounds 1,2,3,....
      • Metal Slug 1,2,X:
        musics track 0 sounds 21,22,23,...
        SFX track 10
      • Now the games with files ending in V11,V12 work (tested)

Monday - September, 13th, 1999

  • 10:53 PM(GMT-3)

    • Genesis Power released Primal Rage for the 32x yesterday.

    • I have added a new MP3. It is the CD Track 12 of Sega Rally (Sega Saturn) and it is a singed music. It is surely a pretty song and you can get it on the Game MP3s Section.

Friday - September, 10th, 1999

  • 09:49 PM(GMT-3)

    • I could not update Medical Emulation these days due to hard studying. Now let’s see some interesting things. :)

    • Genesis Power released Brutal Unleashed: Above the Claw for the 32x and a pirate Genesis cart that runs in the most populars Gensis emulators, RockmanX3.

    • Z26 v.1.35 has been released an you can download it from the Atari 2600 Emulators Section. The source code is also available. See what is new on this version:

      • Some very minor changes to video mode code, but the main purpose of this release is to bring z26 into conformance with the terms and conditions of the GNU Public License (GPL).

Tuesday - September, 07th, 1999

  • 09:25 PM(GMT-3)

    • Phew, this is cool. RealityMan has restarted to work on UltraHLE. Version 1.1.0 is in development. Go to the UltraHLE Site and see his statement with your own eyes. :)

  • 09:01 PM(GMT-3)

    • SMS Power has released Guzzler for the Othello Multi Vision. Acording to then it is nothing more than a SG1000 with a new shape. Go download it from the SG1000 ROMs Section. Other releases include George Foreman’s KO Boxing and Robocop 3 both for the Sega Master System.

    • The new Genesis ROM called Mulan is available for download at UNAE. Thanks to EmuLoko for the news.

  • 03:53 AM(GMT-3)

    • There was a bad link for the Mr. Heli ROM on the M-72 ROMs Section. It is now fixed. Thanks to ZeroAge for the warning.

Monday - September, 06th, 1999

  • 05:58 PM(GMT-3)

    • Genesis Power released NBA Jam TE for the 32x.

    • Kinox has interviewed Azuco, the author of A-Saturn. He is also develping a x68000 open-source emulator.

    • Rodimus Prime has released A/P MAME 0.36 b4, the optimized version of MAME for Pentium/AMD or PII users. Go to his homepage to get it.

    • A new Genesis ROM has been dumped. The name is Mulan.

    • NeoJuke v.2.21a has been released and you can download it from the Misc Stuff Section. See what is new:

      • Song list is correctly saved on exit

Sunday - September, 05th, 1999

  • 03:19 PM (GMT-3)

    • I have finished the Miscellaneous Files Section. There you can find some utilities like files compressors, music players, needed files, etc. Worth a look.

    • Kinox has interviewed Antiriad, author of the Raine emulator.

  • 01:33 PM (GMT-3)

    • As I said, the Shark ROMs Section is now ready. Not all of then are here, but at least the most part. I will try to add the others someday. Don’t forget to download the Shark Emulator too. Shark emulates great games such as Truxton and Hellfire. Stay tunned for the Miscellaneous Stuff Section.

  • 02:11 AM (GMT-3)

    • I am preparing some things for today. Firstly, there will be no Useful Section, but only a Miscellaneous Files Section. And secondly, the Shark emulator ROMs will be added. These two things will come later today. Stay tunned :)

Thursday - September, 02nd, 1999

  • 07:55 PM(GMT-3)

    • Genesis Power released Virtua Racing Deluxe for the 32x. This is not the same as the Genesis cart.

Wednesday - September, 01st, 1999

  • 01:02 AM(GMT-3)

    • SMS Power released GP World for the SG1000. Go download it on the SG1000 ROMs Section.

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