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Medical Emulation

Mercury Caduceus

Old News from October/1999

Tuesday - October, 26th, 1999

  • 11:19 PM(GMT-2)

    • I just had some problems when instaling TCP 2.0 upgrade and could not update these days. Now I have solved the problem.

    • Genesis Power has released Star Wars Arcade (JU) and MetalHead (5) for the 32x. It was also added on the site the 32x MIA section, that contains pictures of betas and unreleased games.

    • Bleem! v.1.5 has been released! Go to the Bleem! HomePage to download the full version (if you have already purchased the emulator).

Friday - October, 22th, 1999

  • 06:28 PM(GMT-2)

    • Rodimus Prime has released PMAME v.0.36 beta 7. This is an optimized version of MAME for Pentium users.

    • Genesis Power has released Afterburner (A) for the 32x.

Thursday - October, 21th, 1999

  • 11:59 PM(GMT-2)

    • Genesis Power has released FIFA International Soccer 96 for the 32x.

    • Neo Geo CD v.0.46 has been released. Go to the Neo Geo CD HomePage to download it. See what is new:

      • Recompiled using latest Allegro WIP.
      • Added gamma correction.
      • Dropped VM assisted screen save/restore. (Unstable)
      • Macrokeys for both players
      • Cheat codes
      • Possibility to mess with debug mode
      • Some bug fixes
      • Support for N64 pads

Wednesday - October, 20th, 1999

  • 12:28 PM(GMT-2)

    • Rodimus Prime has released AMAME v.0.36 beta 7. This is an optimized version of MAME for AMD/PII/Celeron users.

Tuesday - October, 19th, 1999

Monday - October, 18th, 1999

  • 06:18 PM(GMT-2)

    • MD Master from Genesis Temple has interviewed Dave, the author of DGen. DGen is a Sega Genesis emulator

Sunday - October, 17th, 1999

  • 07:58 PM(GMT-2)

    • Chris from EmuCamp and his friend have started a project to bring to us a COMPLETE list of all the Sega Genesis ROMs available on the internet. They have currently 775 games. At EmuCamp there is a list of the missing ROMs that they are needing, so see if you can help. Congratulations to Chris and his friend for this good iniciative.

  • 07:26 PM(GMT-2)

    • Pete has updated his TNT OpenGL GPU based plugin to version 1.23. This is to use with PSEmu Pro. Here is what is new:

      • Speed :) Well, I’ve done _many_ optimizations, so you will get 1..20 additional FPS with this version. Enjoy :)
      • Palettized texture support is back! TNT/TNT2 cards don’t support that texture type, so I had to do the tests on my Voodoo2 card. The newest 3DFX OpenGL drivers can do palettized textures with alpha values, but I have to upload the palette data with every primitive (oh well, 3DFX and OpenGL... two different worlds), so this mode is not very fast by now. Main reason I wanted to do pal tex support: the new nVidea GeForce256 should support it :)
      • I’ve changed the color of my in-game menu to black... why? Well, I love happy, friendly colors... and there is nothing better than a happy, friendly BLACK :)

    • Genesis Power has released Romance Of The Three Kingdoms 4 for the 32x, dumped by Kazz. This is probably the rarest 32x ever, since it was only released on Japan. Kazz also sent a box scan of World Series Baseball, so the release page of this dump was updated.

  • 01:14 AM(GMT-2)

    • MAME v.0.36 beta 7 has been released!! It now supports 1794 ROM sets. Go to MAME World to download it.

Saturday - October, 16th, 1999

  • 05:26 PM(GMT-2)

    • Too much tired to update yesterday. Now let’s see what I have lost.

    • The CPS Patch Center has moved to

    • The CPS Patch Center has released a patch to play Pang 3 on Callus. They have also updated their Street Fighter Alpha patch to v.1.1.

    • Apollo69’s HomePage is back! Now he covers information about NeoGeo hardware.

    • CPS2Shock has been updated with very good findings. You should give a look at what Razoola discovered. Remember that CPS2Shock is an open project and everyone can contribute with it. Here is a quote:

      • It’s 1AM and I’ve found over 160 bytes of blank data ($00) in sequential order that is encrypted in the CPS-2 version of Street Fighter Zero / Alpha. I haven’t had time to look at it properly yet, but I have confirmed that it’s there. This could shed some real light on the encryption routines and could easily show patterns. This is not program code. More info shortly. Razoola.

    • The Neo Geo CD Emulator HomePage has been updated. They have now a logo made by the webmaster and a new release may be available soon.

    • Genesis Power has released Motocross Championship (JU) for the 32x.

    • Dave’s Video Games Classics is not more the same. It is now The Vintage Gaming Network. It will be covering only classic systems emulation. No news about N64, PSX, Saturn, etc emulation. Dave will be reporting only MAME and Retrocade related news and a staff will be made to cover other news. This is so sad. DVGC was my first source of emulation news and was where I used to get all my emulators on the past.

Thursday - October, 14th, 1999

  • 01:32 AM(GMT-2)

    • Just got asleep on this wednesday night. I am weaking up now.

    • Genesis Power has released World Series Baseball for the 32x. Dumped by Kazz.

    • The All Games Network has made an live interview with CEO of Bleem! on its studios. It can be saw in the Real Player and you should see it.

Tuesday - October, 12th, 1999

  • 01:36 PM(GMT-2)

    • Genesis Power has released WWF Wrestlemania Arcade (F) for the 32x.

Monday - October, 11th, 1999

  • 10:11 PM(GMT-2)

    • Well, I could not Update yesterday due to my Quake TF clan changing (I am now on the Hardcore clan :). Now let’s see a resume of yesterday and today’s news.

    • GeoShock is back to its original form. Haze has retrieved the log and updated the news section.

    • Atari800 v.0.9.9b has been released. Both DOS and Linux versions are available. You can get it from the Atari 5200 Emulators Section. See what is new since v.0.9.8:

        Changes in 0.9.9b:

      • fixed SD and ED floppy formatting in SIO code (sector size is hardcoded)
      • monitor’s commands “COLDSTART” and “WARMSTART” perform the reboot immediately now (previously you have to give it the “cont” command to actually perform the reboot).
      • statesave bug in SaveINT fixed (negative integers weren’t saved correctly). <Krzysztof>
      • Makefile.unix updated - the rawkey lib is now essential for the linux-svgalib version of Atari800.
      • Linux-svgalib version now recognizes F8 keypress for jumping to monitor

        Changes in 0.9.9a:

      • full NOVA graphics support on Falcon including double sized screen
      • double buffering of screen on NOVA gfx
      • 16,32-bit X11 shared memory support. Compile with -DSHM. <Cameron> Quote: “Just in case you're interested, here's a patch for Atari800 that will allow shared memory to be used in 16-bit and 32-bit colour modes. There isn't much of a performance benefit on my system (the emulator's CPU usage drop from around 68% to 53%, but the X server rises from 5% to 28%) but it might be useful in some environments.
        It’s a bit of a hack since it adds another copy of each frame’s data, but it’s probably the best that can be done without changing the non-interface-dependent code.”
      • SIO fix: register A should always contain 0 on return from ROM(?) <Marek>
      • Unix fix: call select() in the main sync loop to reduce system load <Marek>
      • SIO format fix: realsize is set - formatting should work (7 Cities of Gold) <Jindroush>. Though I think we probably should not call SizeOfSector since someone might want to reformat double density diskette to single density. Thus I think realsize = 128; should work better. Let’s test that.
      • Linux SVGALIB - proper keyboard support implemented using the rawkey lib (

    • Null has updated his DirectSound SPU based plugin for PSEmu Pro to v.0.37. Here is what is new:

      • fixed bugs of loop point
      • fixed problems of key-off
      • added LowPassFilter.
      • fixed some critical bugs.

    • MESS v.0.36 beta 6 has been released! This is a multi system emulator that has not been updated for almost a year. Download it from the MESS Official HomePage. It now supports the following systems:

      • Atari 5200
      • Atari 7800
      • Atari 800
      • Commodore Amiga (NTSC)
      • Amstrad CPC 6128
      • Apple II (6 varieties)
      • Bally Astrocade
      • EACA Colour Genie 2000
      • Color Computer
      • Colecovision
      • Dragon 32
      • Enterprise 128K
      • Sega Game Gear
      • Sega Megadrive/Genesis
      • Kaypro 2x
      • KC Compact
      • Nintendo Entertainment System
      • IBM PC/XT
      • PC Engine
      • PDP1 (SpaceWar!)
      • Sega Master System
      • ZX Spectrum 48K
      • TI99/4A Home Computer
      • TRS-80 Model 1
      • Vectrex

    • Shattered Soul has updated his Sega32x Emulator HomePage saying that the project has been dropped. : ( Here are some quotes:

      • As far as the project goes.. It will not be on this site any more. The project may in fact die because of some legal matters. Just for the record: this project is now publicly closed. Please do not both asking why. It just is. Besides I think you know the deal.

      • Will I still work on the project? Maybe, maybe not. It’s up to my own personal choice. Even if I do, it may not be announced. Some of you have no idea on how much has been emulated right under your noses, but has not been announced. This project may very well fall under this category.

      • Thanks to all that supported it. I really wanted to make this project a public item, even more so open source. Some things are just not possible.

      • This site will be deregistered in the near future. Just enough time to give people the chance to read this.

Saturday - October, 09th, 1999

  • 10:12 PM(GMT-2)

    • It seems that GeoShock has returned because Haze decided not to quit the Scene and updated the page.

  • 03:56 AM(GMT-2)

    • Genesis Power has released Comix Zone (4) for the Sega Genesis. There has been a TSD-defaced dump and a few other bad dumps on the internet, but this is is good.

    • GeoShock is down. The page was replaced with some comments from Haze and an IRC log. Too much people are blaming him. We all know that this is not a good act and persons like these ones makes good ones like Haze have a strong motive to quit the Emulation Scene. Will he quit? Only time will tell. I pray for not. :( By the way, CPS2 Shock is not down.

  • 01:30 AM(GMT-2)

    • Now the search engine is working correctly. :)

Friday - October, 08th, 1999

  • 10:45 PM(GMT-2)
    • I am adding a search engine to Medical Emulation trough FreeFind. I will be testing it for a while. So do not expect it to work properly yet.

  • 12:53 PM(GMT-2)

    • Sorry but I could not update Medical Emulation yesterday because when I arrived home i had to do a work for the discipline of Social Medicine. After that I was completely exausted.

    • Rodimus Prime has released PMAME v.0.36 beta 6. This is an optimized version of MAME for Pentium CPUs.

    • The CPS Patch Center has released Street Fighter Zero/Alpha Joystick enabler for Callus v.1.0. This one lets you use the following joysticks with Callus: Gravis Gamepad Pro, Microsoft Sidewinder and Hotrod SE.

    • RabidFrog from Total Emulation and uzplayer from EmuCamp have conduced a live interview on IRC with Shattered Soul, the developer of Sega32x (an upcoming 32x emulator).

    • Bobbi’s Bleem! page support has moved to Now it became a general PSX emu page support.

Wednesday - October, 06th, 1999

  • 10:54 AM(GMT-2)

    • Genesis Power has released Animaniacs (JU) for the Sega Genesis. The common one on the internet is a JUE with a bad checksum.

    • Null has made two updates to his DirectSound SPU based plugins for PSEmu Pro. He released v.0.35 and v.0.36. See what is new:


      • fixed loop’s bug of non loop’s sample


      • fixed calculation of loop’s length and loop end.
      • added digital reverb test.

    • Segu has updated his Direct3D based GPU plugin for PSEmu Pro. He released one version for DirectX6 users and other for DirectX7 users. Here is what is new:

      • The bug that a flush has a screen is corrected. (Thank you Pete.)

    • RS has updated his page again. See the quote:

      • I’m very busy at the moment with my real-life, but I’ll update here from time to time when necessary. If you sent me a donation over the past few days, and didn’t receive a reply from me, expect to get one by this weekend (and still get KOF99 from me if you need it). Yea... I know, KOF99 is out already, but rest assured that all recent donations will go towards future dumps. I regret to say that I will not offer an FTP anymore, so any/all future releases will be done publically, whether you've donated or not unfortunately.

    • Rodimus Prime has released AMAME v.0.36 beta 6. This is a AMD/Pentium2/Celeron optimized version of MAME.

Tuesday - October, 05th, 1999

  • 12:52 PM(GMT-2)

    • Zoop from EmuCamp has posted a screenshot of a 32x emulator that was been developed in such a long time. The screenshot was taked on april and since there the emulator was not coded too much. On EmuCamp there is a quote from the author, who wants to remain annonymous. You can see it here:

      • I want to pass off the task of dumping the 32X BIOS ROMs to another more capable and time-abled person. Hopefully, this screenshot (and possibly a few future ones) will motivate someone out there. Do not fear -- I will still be continuing work on the emulator itself, but know this: I don’t have much room to go anymore without the BIOS ROMs. There should be 2 BIOS ROMs, each located within the one of the two SH2 microcontrollers. I postulate that these ROMs only differ by a few bytes but would still like to have them both. So if you could please post this call for help on your webpages, I’d appreciate it greatly.

      Do not forget to check out EmuCamp to see it.

    • The CPS Patch Center has released the version 1.1 of their patch to play Street Fighter Alpha on Callus. See what is new:

      • Patch is 10% faster.
      • Fixed a problem with missing files, it now displays exactly which file is missing.
      • Fixed a problem with uncompressing Street Fighter Alpha (CPS-2) romset that was causing the patch to pause.
      • Renamed RSWAPSA to RSWAPSFA.
      • Fixed Web page address in RSWAPSFA.
      • Fixed a problem with duplicated filenames.
      • Easier Web page address (linked above.)
      • Added aditional checking for correct patch files decompression.
      • Fixed hiscores, if you don't enter anything, it shows SFA instead of SFZ.

    • Winamp v.2.5e has been released. Go to the Winamp HomePage to download it. Here is what is new:

      • New MJuice code
      • Cleaned up CDDA plug-in and fixed a few bugs

  • 01:05 AM(GMT-2)

Monday - October, 04th, 1999

  • 11:35 PM(GMT-2)

    • Genesis Power has released NBA All Star Challenge for the Sega Genesis. This one has a good checksum, unlike other dump that were floating for the internet. They have also received some European box scans from Trenty and updated the sections of Toughman Contest, Virtua Racing and Mortal Kombat 2 with these scans.

    • There is mentioned on Dave’s Video Games Classics that RS has updated his page saying that KOF99 was officialy dumped and donators are already able to download it. The rest of the internet will be allowed to get it on 01/01/2000. But when I went to see his page he had already updated it again saying that he will be back in a few days. Has gone for personal reasons.

    • There is a 32x emulator in development. At least the project seems to be true. You can see the homepage here.

Sunday - October, 03rd, 1999

  • 01:25 PM(GMT-2)

    • Here on my country (Brazil) we are entering in a diferent horary, the Summer Horary. It consists in an increase of one our in the time. For example, if the normal time now is 12:10 PM, the correct would be 01:10 PM, got it? It is called here Summer Horary. That is why the hour posts will change from GMT-3 to GMT-2 while this new horary will be vigorating here.

    • NeoJukebox v.0.25 has been released. You can download it from the Misc Stuff Section. See a list of what is new:

      • Zipped Skins support.
      • Skin Selection enabled.
      • Fixed a bug that made the volume lower each time Neojuke was closed.
      • Ability to select the YM2610 channels individually

    • Apprentice interviewed Fx3, the author of RockNES. You can see it here.

Saturday - October, 02nd, 1999

  • 12:48 PM(GMT-3)

    • Rand has post a message telling some progress made in the next version of Bleem! (v.1.5).

    • The CPS Patch Center has released the Patch to play Street Fighter Alpha on Callus. Their page is also with a new desing. But this is not CPS2 emulation. The patch only makes the CPS2 ROMs look like CPS-Changer ROMs.

    • It is posted on Retrogames that there is a new free PSX emulator in development. The name of the emu is Jackal. It does not support any games yet, but the bios image is loadable and some demos playable. Go to the Jackal HomePage to download it and have more info.

    • CPS2 Shock is up! This site is where Haze will post all of the progress they are making on the project to try to brake the CPS2 ROMs encryption (see yesterday news). Also, the Street Fighter Zero 2 ROMs are UP to download there.

Friday - October, 01st, 1999

  • 11:17 PM(GMT-3)

    • Yesterday I could not update due to hard study. And I was exausted when arrived in home. Now let’s go to some interesting news on the emulation scene.

    • Null has updated his Software Mixing Audio Driver for PSEmuPro to v.0.34. See what is new:

      • fixed CD-XA’s frequency

    • RS has updated his page saying that KOF99 is almost perfect.

    • It was mentioned on GeoShock that if someone release KOF99 before of the year 2000, chances are very small that Apollo69 dump another NeoGeo game because he will destroy the edge connector he built. Please people, stay patient. KOF99 is not worth of doing this. Go to GeoShock to read the full posting.

    • Haze also posted on GeoShock that he will be speding his next few months on the CPS2 encryption. WOW! I wish him the best luck.

    • The CPS Patch Center revealed the secret URL containing information about the Street Fighter Alpha Patch for Callus. The ROMs will be 92% CPS2 and 8% CPS-Changer.

    • Genesis Power has released Cosmic Carnage (A) and Metal Head (A) for the 32x.

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