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Medical Emulation

Mercury Caduceus

Old News from July/1999

Saturday - July, 31th, 1999 - 08:32 PM(GMT-3)
Now if you wish you can listen to some MIDI music while navigating on Medical Emulation. Click on the links in the Menu Bar to hear. I will be adding some MP3 and/or MIDI for downloading.

Friday - July, 30th, 1999 - 09:10 PM(GMT-3)
As I have already said before, I cannot update Medical Emulation too much on Thursdays and Fridays since on these days I have Anatomy classes, and it took me really much time. I have to stay the entire day on the anatoic laboratory studing the cadavers, reading books, consulting anatomic atlas, etc. On saturday’s mornings I also go to the anatomic lab, having to weak up too early (05:00 AM). I hope you can understand it.

Wednesday - July, 28th, 1999 - 02:37 PM(GMT-3)
Shark ROMs will be the next to pop up here, but first I will be adding some MIDs and MP3s for downloading. Also, I am planing to put some music that you can choose to or not to hear while navigating on Medical Emulation.

Monday - July, 26th, 1999 - 12:38 AM(GMT-3)
Now the M-72 ROMs are ready to download.

Sunday - July, 25th, 1999 - 11:03 AM(GMT-3)
The next ROMs be available on Medical Emulation will be the M-72 Arcade Emulator ROMs. It will be here tomorow.

Saturday - July, 24th, 1999 - 10:48 PM(GMT-3)
Sorry for the lack of updates, but I'm very busy with my medicine college and the studies. You know, anatomy is a very hard subject, principally when you're studing the head and the neck : ) I have added the Sparcade ROMs. Go download it now.

Wednesday - July, 21st, 1999 - 09:59 PM(GMT-3)
Since it's said there will be a realease of the Sparcade Arcade emulator, its ROMs will be the next to be online for you download. I MAY upload then on this next weekend because on Thursdays and Fridays I have Anatomy class room and stay so occupied on the anatomic laboratory that when I reach home I'm exausted. But keep waiting.

Tuesday - July, 20th, 1999 - 04:32 PM(GMT-3)
As I said yesterday, the JAS ROMs are online now. Don't forget to download the JAS emulator too.

Monday - July, 19th, 1999 - 10:50 PM(GMT-3)
Frames came back. Now the site is having a better looking and also faster loads. Mercury Caduceus picture was changed if you haven't noticed : ) And now a REAL and good news: JAS Arcade Emulator ROMs will be the next to be online to download. It will be available tomorow.

Saturday - July, 17th, 1999 - 08:38 PM(GMT-3)
Now the ROMs Section is COMPLETELY available, go download then. Also, I'm intending to return with the frames, since it gives a better site looking and faster loadas. But first I'll have to learn well how to manage then, and as well as my classes are restarting on this monday (I was on vocations) it may take a while. Stay tunned for more updates.

Saturday - July, 17th, 1999 - 02:57 AM(GMT-3)
I have redonne the site. If you have not noticed, I removed the frames. Yes, I know that without then it will take longer loads, but those frames were getting on my nervers. : ) Now the entire Emulators Section is working, as such as a few URLs on the Links Section. More things are coming soon.

Thursday - July, 15th, 1999 - 11:06 PM(GMT-3)
I added some emulators and linked the Atari 2600 ROMs. Other ROM sections are coming up.

Thursday - July, 15th, 1999 - 02:17 AM(GMT-3)
Well, this is my first update. I have uploaded some Atari 2600 and SG1000 ROMs, but not linked then yet. Due to beeing out of webspace, I can only provide you small sized ROMs since I depend of those Tripods and Geocities "da vida". But if you're looking for so old ROMs you can expect to find then here. And please, don't ask me to send you any files, because the ones I can handle on the net are here. As soon as I put the links to ROMs I'll post it here. Enjoy your stay (if you can) : )

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