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Medical Emulation

Mercury Caduceus

Old News from August/1999

Tuesday - August, 31th, 1999

  • 10:27 AM(GMT-3)

    • Genesis Power released the Game Genie ROM for the Sega Genesis.

    • NeoJuke v.2.21 has been released. See what is new:

      • fixed a problem when you use big fonts..
      • fixed games with the last letters: M1, V11, V12

Monday - August, 30th, 1999

  • 09:26 PM(GMT-3)

    • NeoJuke v.2.2 has been released. See what is new:

      • Winamp Look with skins
      • Removed Speed changing (it caused too many problems)
      • Added settings screen
        • Sampling rate
        • Directories configuration
        • Always on top
      • Many visual improvements.
      • Fixed a mismatch in the sampling speeds that make the sound loop sometimes.
      • Changed the name detection from _m1 to m1.
      • The games with files ending in V11, V12 should work now (untested)
      • Raised Sound thread priority, now the sound shouldn't "jump" when task switching.

    • Genesis Power released Virtua Fighter for the 32x.

Sunday - August, 29th, 1999

Saturday - August, 28th, 1999

  • 03:14 PM(GMT-3)

    • Genesis Power released WWF Raw for the 32x.

    • Winaamp v.2.5c has been released for fixing some bugs.

Friday - August, 27th, 1999

  • 07:16 PM(GMT-3)

    • Redump v.2.2 has been released.

    • Yesterday on #EmuCamp of Efnet I was talking to uzplayer and he told me that on 1/20/00 there will be a revolution on the emulation scene. He also posted it on Emu Camp today. I do not know what it is since he could not tell me. And stop at #EmuCamp of Efnet to talk with the people there.

Thursday - August, 26th, 1999

  • 07:40 PM(GMT-3)

    • Genesis Power released Spiderman: Web of Fire for the 32x.

    • Winaamp v.2.5 has been released and it is now freeware.

Wednesday - August, 25th, 1999

  • 08:02 PM(GMT-3)

    • I have typed and added lyrics for the Lunar MP3s. It was copyed directly from the original manuals (I have the Lunar The Silver Star and Eternal Blue original CDs). Now you can fully understand what is singed on the 3 musics. Go to the Game MP3s Section to see and/or get it.

  • 05:09 PM(GMT-3)

    • NeoJuke v.2.11 was released. I very liked this utility.

    • Genesis Power released the portuguese version of Phantasy Star III. Wow! It was a long wait for this ROM :)

    • A/P MAME 0.36 b3 has been released. Head out to the HomePage to get it.

  • 01:20 AM(GMT-3)

    • NeoJuke v.2.1 (Widnows9x) has been released. It is an utility to play the music of the NeoGeo games directly from the ROMs. A few days ago, NeoJuke v.2.03 (DOS) was released. I am providing both here because the DOS version although being older is faster.

    • Redump v.2.1 has been released. Redump is an utility that allows you to convert the MGD2 NeoGeo ROM sets to the MVS format.

Tuesday - August, 24th, 1999

  • 05:26 PM(GMT-3)

    • SMS Power released Bomb Jack for the SG1000. You can get it at the SG1000 ROMs Section.

    • Z26 v.1.34 has been released. It's already available on the Atari 2600 ROMs Section. See what is new on this version:

      • A fix to a minor problem that was introduced in version 1.33 that would cause some games to display in the wrong position or to display the wrong number of scanlines.

    • Genesis Power released Zaxxon Motherbase 2000 ofr the 32x. I really cannot wait anymore for a 32x emu : )

Sunday - August, 22th, 1999

  • 07:49 PM(GMT-3)

    • Genesis Power released Star Trek Starship Bridge Simulator for the 32x.

  • 04:16 PM(GMT-3)

    • MAME 0.36 beta3 has been released.

    • Kinox has now a new URL. Check it out.

Saturday - August, 21th, 1999

  • 11:32 PM(GMT-3)
    • The Lunar The Silver Star and Eternal Blue MID packs were with some bad files and names that does not corresponded with the musics. I have fixed and reuploaded the files. If you have downloaded one of the Lunars MID packs please do it again.

  • 04:43 PM(GMT-3)

Friday - August, 20th, 1999

  • 09:49 PM(GMT-3)

    • Genesis Power released Motocross Championship and Star Wars for the 32x.

    • I am currently studing the torax and just finished the lung. Next will be the heart. : )

Wednesday - August, 18th, 1999

  • 09:16 PM(GMT-3)

    • Arial rocks me better. = ]

  • 11:36 AM(GMT-3)

    • During these days, SMS Power has been releasing some ROMs. One of then is Zaxxon for the SG1000. You can get it from the SG1000 ROMs Section.

Tuesday - August, 17th, 1999

  • 08:39 PM(GMT-3)

    • Remodelated this News Section. Let’s see if it will be better.

    • Z26 v1.33 has been released. Get it from the Atari 2600 emulators section.

    • Genesis Power released RBI Baseball 95. 32x really rocks me : )

    • Kinox interviewed J-ROM.

Monday - August, 16th, 1999 - 08:53 PM(GMT-3)
No, this page is NOT dead. The real thing is: I have NO TIME to do so much updates since I have to stay the entire day on the college. Also have to study hard to get good grades. Last Friday I had an Anatomy test, and WHOA! The teorical test was terrible, on the pratic test (that with the cadavers) I think I will get an excelent grade. But enough. Let's talk about the site. This time I have two more links. Sorry, but on the moment that's all I can handle. I will try to take more time to update Medical Emulation more often.

Sunday - August, 8th, 1999 - 08:54 PM(GMT-3)
Whoa, after almost one week without updating I finally had time to do this. I have added 3 more SG1000 ROMs: Chack’n Pop, Space Invaders and The Castle. Go get it on the SG1000 ROMs Section.

Monday - August, 02nd, 1999 - 08:34 PM(GMT-3)
Hmmm, just redone this main page, now with some news of other days. Only to give a better looking. : )

Sunday - August, 01st, 1999 - 10:16 PM(GMT-3)
I have made some improvements. Firstly, I have to say that the Game MP3s Section is available now. There are some interesting files that I think you would like to download. Secondly, I moved the July News to the Old News Section. Thirdly, a new version of Z26 has been released. Z26 is an Atari 2600 emulator. Get it from the Atari 2600 Emulators Section. And at last, but not least, the Links Section was improved with links to Emu Camp and SMS Power.

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